We are an Employee Benefits Adviser providing independent and impartial advice
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to a range of businesses, including not for profit organisations.

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Intelligent and sensibly priced solutions from an experienced employee benefits adviser.


One of the most important components of running a successful business is keeping employees happy and providing them with enough incentive to maximize their productivity. While there are different ways to accomplish this, offering your employees benefits that go beyond the minimum legal requirements is very effective. As important is helping your employees understand, value and appreciate the investment you are making in the benefits you provide for them.


Dartington Employee Benefits provides independent advice on a wide range of benefits including workplace pensions, income protection, group life and group medical insurance.


We offer intelligent and sensibly priced solutions as we understand that costs eat in to the returns on your investment in employee benefits.  Therefore, with an eye on minmising your costs we help you maximise your returns.


For further information or to find out how we can help you call 01223 275 172 or email enquiries@dartingtonbenefits.co.uk

Financial Services

for business owners, company directors and HR professionals.

Business Protection

Providing financial support at a time when it is vital for the business to recover quickly and minimise the impact on profits is crucial for business continuity.

Workplace pensions

It is a legal requirement to automatically enrol all your eligible employees in to a ‘qualifying’ workplace pension scheme. However, compliance with the law and the options can be confusing without advice.

Workplace benefits

Everyone is entitled to fair pay for the job they do but many employer understand the value in providing employee benefits to attract and retain high quality staff.

Private medical insurance

Helping your employees recover quickly from an accident or illness, ensuring they receive medical treatment quickly and conveniently.

Group income protection

Group income protection pays income to an employee if they are unable to work due to illness until they return to work or retire, whichever is the sooner.

Group life assurance

Group life assurance provides financial security for your employees by paying their family a tax-free lump sum in the event of their death.

The top 5 reasons to provide workplace benefits


1. Increasing your appeal – A survey by management consulting firm McKinsey & Company showed that attracting and retaining talent was the biggest reason that companies offered employee benefits. Offering a solid benefits package also demonstrates that you believe in your company enough to invest in your employees, and proves that you’re a stable business.


2. Minimising staff turnover – By investing in your employees, it shows that you have their best interests in mind and value their job performance. This can help you build a tight-knit team of professionals that will stay for years.


3. Increased staff morale – By understanding and addressing the needs of your workforce, it’s likely they will be dedicated and take their jobs more seriously. Showing that you care about your employees is a natural way to increase their loyalty and they work better in return.


4. Improved health – If your employees have private medical insurance in place there is a greater likelihood they will have regular checkups, take preventative medical measures and deal with any health issues quickly. This helps ensure they don’t take sick days for minor ailments and the end result should be a healthier workforce.


5. Better performance – By offering benefits you give employees more of a reason to care about your company, remain loyal and, as a result, this can lead to greater productivity and higher quality output. Employers who offer more than the minimum legally required benefits are also better able to recruit than their competitors who don’t offer any extra benefits.


Offering employee benefits may cost a bit more initially but the longer-term advantages usually greatly outweigh those costs and contribute to your business’s success. Your business will be better placed to recruit employees who are in it for the long term. This helps your business create a stable workforce and a gives your business a competitive advantage.


An employee benefits adviser from Dartington Employee Benefits can help your business maximse the return on your investment in providing employee benefits as well as helping your employees understand and appreciate the true value to them.


For further information or to find out how we can help you call 01223 275 172 or email enquiries@dartingtonbenefits.co.uk

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