A good Employee Benefits Adviser can help you maximise your investment in workplace benefits.

Based in Cambridge we provide independent advice and consultancy on employee benefits
to help your organisation with improved staff retention, morale and productivity.


An experienced benefits adviser helping your organisation stand out.

“look after your employees and they will look after your customers”


In today’s competitive world, making your organisation stand out relies on having the best staff. However, salary alone may not be enough to attract the top talent. Employee benefits can be a big attraction for prospective talent looking to join your team. Therefore, at Dartington we help you provide a sensibly priced employee benefits package to make your organisation stand out from the crowd. We understand that whilst you need an attractive package to obtain the best staff, you also want to maximum your benefits investment.

Based in Cambridge, we give independent advice on a variety of benefits, from workplace pensions to income protection, group life and medical insurances.

For further information or to find out how an independent financial adviser can help you call 01223 275 172 or email enquiries@dartingtonbenefits.co.uk

Looking to build your company employee benefits package?

A good benefits package should be part of your employee rewards to be taken seriously. When staff feel valued and morale is high, this translates into a productive workforce. Staff are also more likely to stay within the firm when they value the benefits they gain from company. All companies offer a salary, but what can make your company stand out is your benefits package.


5 Reasons Employee Benefits Are An Investment In Your Business


1. Attracting the right staff

We deliver imaginative and tailored solutions to help you achieve your financial goals and objectives. We aim to maximise your investment returns within acceptable levels of risk whilst minimising your costs and the impact of taxation on your investments, so your money works harder for you.

2. Staff retention

Costly recruiters, issues with short-term staffing and increased training time all add up to an underperforming business. An attractive benefits package could unlock your team’s full potential. When there’s more than just a salary keeping an employee at your firm, you can be sure that resignations will decrease, and costs associated with hiring and training will fall with it.

3. Increased staff morale

When your staff underperform so do your profits. The simplest way to boost morale is to make staff feel like you care. Staff will only go above and beyond if they feel that the company rewards them for their efforts, and remunerates them for their efforts.

4. Improved health

Employees who have private medical insurance are more likely to take care of themselves. This may mean they participate in regular check-ups, take preventative measures and deal with their illness or injury more quickly. But what it means for you is a workforce operating at full potential.

5. Better performance

It couldn’t be simpler. A healthy and happy workforce is the primary driver behind a successful business. Employee benefits operate in a way that a salary simply can’t – they give value to a job which goes beyond money. A job that offers a financial safety net and an increase in employees’ health and wellbeing all adds up to a business that performs better – something that every business wants.

For further information or to find out how an independent financial adviser can help you call 01223 275 172 or email enquiries@dartingtonbenefits.co.uk


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